Date: Jan 26, 2021

One of the perks of being situated at the easternmost part of  Batangas is bordering another province. North of San Juan, is the neighboring town of Candelaria, Quezon where one of the youngest and fastest rising water district can be found. Although originally formed in 1979,  Candelaria Water District was inactive for the past 30 years, up until its revival in 2012. With only 9 years on its belt, CWD is proving to be one of the water districts on the rise.

The so-called renaissance of CWD was made possible under the leadership of GM Mary Ann V. Alvarez. GM Alvarez welcomed GM Geba with open arms. She had been very receptive of GM Geba and her questions regarding district operations. GM Alvarez even mentioned that she too was in her shoes a few years back; going to San Juan Water District for consultations when she was starting out as a new GM. Now, she had gone full circle from being student herself, to now teaching GM Geba the ropes.

San Juan Water District is delighted to have found a neighboring water district that our new GM could learn from. Both San Juan and Candelaria Water Districts fall under Category C, and the proximity is indeed beneficial to SJWD for bench-marking purposes. The meeting would be one of the first of the many visits SJWD will have with CWD.