RA 10121 or the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010, calls for the need to prepare all stakeholders of society in DRRM and ultimately achieve the NDRRMC’s vision of safe, adaptive and disaster-resilient communities towards sustainable development. Such scope of work in DRRM particularly includes public sector employees, or workers in the civil/ government service.

Under Section 14 of RA 10121, all public sector employees are mandated to be trained in emergency response and preparedness. Rule 8 Section 1 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 10121, states that there is a need to train public sector individuals, both local and national, in DRRM related subjects.

Building such capacities for public sector employees is vital to help mainstream DRRM in all government-related services. Also, during emergencies, public sector employees can help in ensuring the continuity of government services by addressing the risks associated with disasters. This Disaster Preparedness And Emergency Brigade Training is designed for San Juan Water District (SJWD) to prepare them before, during and after a disaster occur inside or outside their agency. 

For the SJWD to still be able to operate; and at the same time, practice proper safety protocols, the supposed 1 day seminar would be held in two batches. Batch 1 was held on May 19, Wednesday; and Batch 2 on May 20, Thursday. Both seminar dates were attended by both SJWD-DCG Chairperson Geba and Vice-Chairperson Dino to oversee and take note of the progress of both groups.