Date: Jan 21, 2021

As part of the effort to understand the workings of one’s district, GM Edith Joyce Geba, along with Engr. Justin Magpantay, Ms. Aileen Laqui, Ms. Gerlie Badillo, Ms. Jourabelle San Juan and Mr. Mark Kevin Panaligan visited the office of GM Edgardo Orense, General Manager of Metro Lipa Water District (MLWD) and current president of the Batangas Association of Water Districts (BAWD) last January 21, 2021.

GM Orense welcomed GM Geba as one of the newest general manager for the province of Batangas and gave her a few pointers as the new head of SJWD. GM Orense has been with MLWD for a long time and started out a simple employee and worked his way up to where he is now. He also gave the group a little background on how MLWD started and how it is working at the moment. He even engaged in a  bit of a question and answer between him and the employees regarding their current work at SJWD, how MLWD does theirs and how they can also apply certain tasks on their departments.GM Orense even and asked some of the MLWD employees to impart knowledge to the group as well.

The meeting ended with GM Geba gifting GM Orense a small bag of goods from San Juan and a promise to visit MLWD again if ever SJWD needed anything. The group have learned a lot that afternoon and were definitely inspired to do better for SJWD. Metro Lipa Water District  is one of the water districts that San Juan Water District aspire to be someday; and with their help, that “someday” would not be too far behind.